NUOS heat pump provides hot water heater for Halifax home

NUOS heat pump provides hot water heater for Halifax home_1

A NUOS 250i heat pump water heater from Ariston has been installed at a four-bedroomed detached house in Greetland, Halifax.

Completed in August 2013, the installation was undertaken by Marcus Sharp, owner of Halifax-based MA Plumbing, who commented: “The project saw the original hot water cylinder removed from a bedroom to create more space. As a result, the heating was moved onto an unvented system, enabling the cylinder to be replaced by the NUOS unit, which was housed in a specially constructed outbuilding. 

“The NUOS was chosen after I had learned all about its many features and benefits at a promotional day run by my local supplier. It was evidently more than capable of supplying the property with hot water as part of an unvented system, and ran really well during the recent spell of warm weather we’ve had. I ‘ve used Ariston’s products – especially their e-combi boilers – on a variety of projects before, so was well aware of the quality and value for money on offer.”