NEXT water heaters go mobile

NEXT water heaters go mobile_1

Over 20 NEXT SFT gas–fired water heaters from Ariston have been installed in a range of custom designed and purpose-built mobile washrooms. The appliances have been converted to run on LPG, providing instantaneous hot water for showers and basins at outdoor events such as music festivals and county shows.


The water heaters were specified and installed by Telford-based Pilot Heat Ltd. Commenting on the project, Ian Cull, Director at Pilot Heat, said: “When it came to specifying the water heating equipment, we needed high hot water flows to guarantee the required volumes. The NEXT SFTs easily cope with the demand from the washrooms and with their slim design, are also really simple to install. Overall, we have been really impressed with them.”


The NEXT SFT is a new fan flued, gas-fired instantaneous water heater, designed for applications which have a high demand for hot water. The unit has an output of 25kW and an impressive hot water flow rate of 10.2 litres/min ΔT 35oC. 

A key feature of the new appliance is a dedicated ‘Bath’ button, which allows users to set the desired quantity and temperature of water required. For added convenience, the NEXT SFT notifies users with an audible alarm when the pre-defined quantity has nearly been reached, and repeated once it has been reached. Additional features include a user-friendly LCD display, auto diagnostics and easy access to all components from the front of the casing.