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Ariston responds to OFTEC’s rural renewables report

Ariston responds to OFTEC’s rural renewables report_1

Ariston would like to respond to the recent independent report commissioned by OFTEC about the suitability of renewable heating for rural homes.

The report highlighted the outcomes of replacing an existing oil boiler with a heat pump, stating that: “Unless heat pumps operate at their highest efficiency rating, running costs will rise dramatically due to higher electricity consumption, making their high installation costs hard to justify.” Using ‘real world' data, the report also calculated: “A ground source heat pump could reduce fuel bills by £113 per year. By contrast, an air source heat pump would be £311 more expensive to run each year than an oil condensing boiler.”

However, Ariston’s NUOS is a renewable product ensuring households in off-gas areas do not have to replace an oil boiler in order to benefit from renewable energy. The energy efficient heat pump water heater can be added to a heating system by replacing the existing indirect cylinder, providing the benefit of renewable hot water.

With a CoP of 2.8 (tested in accordance with EN 16147), the NUOS is capable of raising the water temperature to 55°C with just the heat pump (a back-up immersion is present to bring the temperature to 65°C) making it ideal for off gas properties. It also features an intelligent control system which allows the end-user to program two separate times for hot water to be available.