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“Manufacturers now have to think beyond the condensing boiler as a single entity and consider the rest of the heating system as well, including levels of energy efficiency and compliance with the latest, relevant legislation. At Ariston, we’re already taking a lead in this area by combining optimum boiler control with simple operation and, as a result, we’ve integrated modern control technology into our gas boilers. This includes the AUTO Function - an intelligent temperature management system that is integral to our ranges of gas boilers - which achieves energy savings of up to 10% when used in conjunction with additional controls.

“Previously, a simple on-off thermostat might have been the only control option available, but now there are far more sophisticated options on the market. Modern controls enable a boiler to work at its most efficient in order to achieve the desired room temperature. A combination of wired and wireless units, including modulating room thermostats, programmable thermostats and outdoor sensors, all help contribute to significant improvements in boiler efficiency, as well as financial savings for the homeowner. Furthermore, while they might seem complicated, installation is actually quick and straightforward.

“Another significant development in our boiler offering is the three-zone management interface. This can incorporate both on-off switching from room or cylinder thermostats, and modulating room sensors, which allows intelligent temperature management of two separate central heating circuits, as well as the domestic hot water, helping to achieve optimal energy efficiency while simultaneously reducing fuel bills.”