Good Design Award - Aures Luxury Round

Good Design Award - Aures Luxury Round_1
Aures Luxury Round 2015
Designers: Umberto Palermo, UP-Design S.R.L, Umberto Palermo Design srl., Moncalieri Piemonte (PI), Italy
Manufacturer: Ariston Thermo SpA., Fabriano, Marche (AN), Italy

What is it:
Aures Luxury Round is the new generation of electric instant water heater with breakthrough technologies in market with the most innovative design to guarantee to the end user the utmost comfortable moments, thanks to constant temperature technology, memorizing temperature profile features and smart anti-scalding system.

Challenge faced:
Aures Luxury Round is the first generation of Electric instant water heater produced entirely by Ariston. Aures range was an industrial challenge for the company, since Electric instant water heater is very different in term of technology from the Electric storage water heater where Ariston is worldwide leader. The concerted efforts by designer, R&D and marketing developed this new Ariston range; we faced many challenges in order to reach and guarantee premium design (the perfect alignment of the components and iconic shape), high quality and high comfort (thanks to constant temperature technology, which keeps the temperature unchanged during the bath time).

Unique design:
Aures Luxury Round is the first product with round shape in the Electric instant water heater market, very different from standard squared shape. The round shape gives to the product a futuristic and nifty look, in line with Company mission to bring the unique Italian all over the world. Its compact dimensions and new shape designed for space-saving ensures it to fit anywhere for an easy installation. Moreover, its metal brush color finishing and LED control board with soft-touch interface bring a premium aspect to the product that can be an integrated part of your home/bathroom. The nifty look is consistent with premium showerhead accessory.

User experience:
Aures Luxury Round was developed to implement many customer-oriented functions in order to help the end-user to set the product on his own in the easiest way possible. Indeed, the hot water needs can vary many times during the year. First of all, Aures luxury round allows a manual temperature setting and thanks to LED HMI the end user can visualize the exact set temperature. Aures Luxury Round offers the opportunity to the user to memorize their preferred temperature, just by a simple touch. The end user will have an ideal temperature for each member of his family (especially very convenient for the kids since it will reduce for the kids the risk to scald with too hot water), replaying them for maximum shower pleasure.

Benefit to client:
The new Ariston EIWH model are able to provide to the customers a better shower experience ensuring the “constant temperature experience”. The outlet temperature is not constant due to the fluctuation of water flow and inlet water temperature, which makes user feel uncomfortable. Understanding that need, Ariston are equipped Aures Luxury Round with flow sensor which is able to measure the inlet temperature and load of the inlet flow in order to adjust the heating element power, keeping the temperature unchanged during bath time no matter how the outlet water conditions change. This technology eliminates all the stress to adjust the EIWH once the inlet flow change, delivering a superior Comfort.

In addition to the Total Safety System which is equipped to all Ariston models, in Aures Luxury round Ariston offers to the end user the extra safety with Smart Anti Scalding system, which avoid the product starting to work if the inlet temperature is already superior than the setting. This special function is specifically designed in order to avoid that customer get scald (it is especially designed for protect all the member of the family, especially kids that could not be aware about the incoming “too hot water flow”).

Finally, the display shows the most important information for the user such as temperature, heating and eventual error or abnormal situation (anti scald function). Thanks to its design and available functions, Auras Luxury Round is an elegant and ultra-modern product that can be considered as a piece of furniture for your home. It is the high-end range of electric instant water heaters, being a showcase for Ariston Thermo Group and increasing our brand awareness all over the world.

Benefit to society:
Electric instant water heater, Aures Luxury Round will be the high-end range of electric instant water heaters; it is a technology to warm water with an energy efficiency better than standard electric storage water heater, since the product works only when the end user really needs. The objective to improve energy efficiency of Ariston products, it is the mission of our company. By 2020, the Group aims to carry out 80% of its business with high-efficiency or renewable energy solutions. Ariston Thermo’s ability to combine energy efficiency, innovation and design, is contributing to shape the future of thermic comfort.