Ariston Announces Its First-ever Go Green Campaign through its Aures Instant Water Heater Series with Ariston Constant Temperature Technology

Ariston Announces Its First-ever Go Green Campaign through its Aures Instant Water Heater Series with Ariston Constant Temperature Technology_1

Ariston Thermo (Ariston) has taken the lead in going green and promoting global sustainability through its industry’s first Ariston Constant Temperature technology. The brand is rewarding consumers who purchase its array of Constant Temperature water- and energy-saving Electric Instant Water Heaters (EIWH) with up to S$50 NTUC FairPrice vouchers. This offer will last from 29 July to 30 September 2016.

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Ariston is a Vocal Proponent of Going Green

Ariston has always been conscious about energy savings, with eco-friendliness being the bedrock of its business philosophy. It has always participated in events that push for water and energy savings. This year, it is going a step further by organizing its own campaign in August.
Instant Heating, Constant Temperature* for Greater Green Efficiency

Older models of water heaters are inefficient and they consume a lot of water, electricity and energy. This is because they produce water at varying temperatures. Consumers have to repeatedly readjust water temperature at every shower, resulting in a waste of water and energy at the same time. Simply by changing their water heaters, consumers can do their bid to save the earth and also enjoy great savings. 

The new Ariston EIWH models are equipped with flow sensor (or flow switch), a series of Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) sensors and TRIAC. These sensors allow the heater to measure the temperature and flow of the water entering the water heater, and with TRIAC, the heater is able to adjust the power of the heating.
With Ariston Constant Temperature technology, water can be produced at the exact temperature required, assuring comfort, water-, and energy-efficiency. Users of Ariston’s EIWH can enjoy endless comfort and consistent shower experience, all the while protecting Earth and its valuable resources.

Safety is a Guarantee

Cases of scalding are common with instant water heaters, as they lack the smart ability to detect and adjust water temperature according to the water inflow temperature and flow. This is especially dangerous in families with children, and when the child does not know how to control the water heater well.
The new series of Ariston Constant Temperature EIWH has special extra safety features such as the anti-scalding system 2.0, which is specially designed to prevent scalding. This feature uses NTC sensors to accurately detect water inlet temperature. If the inlet temperature is above the pre-set temperature, the water heater will not heat the water flowing in, and it will warn the user via a blinking triangle icon on the heater.

In addition, Ariston also prides itself on the Total Safety System (TSS) – guaranteed by Ariston products all over the world. The water heaters have been certified by most safety organisations in the world, adhering to the world’s strictest quality and safety standards such as International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) and Singapore Standards (SS).

Unique, Italian-designed aesthetics to complement every bathroom

All Ariston products are completely designed in Italy by UP DESIGN, which is a famous and established Italian design firm well recognized in several industries spanning from appliances to automotive.
With premium displays and soft-touch buttons, this new series of Ariston Constant Temperature EIWH is intuitive and aesthetically stunning. The curved edges evoke a sense of familial trust. More than just a water-heating product, Ariston electric water heater series have been termed as “water furniture”, and are accessories that can complement modern, beautifully designed bathrooms.

Additional savings in water and electricity to cushion the effect of increase in utility tariffs

Older water heaters tend to have higher wastage in electricity and water, due to lowered efficiency across the years of use. Ariston Constant Temperature EIWH series is equipped with additional technological features mentioned-above to save energy and water for its users. Therefore, for those who are thinking of making a change, it is now the time to do so.
Available from S$199, Ariston’s AURES Constant Temperature EIWH series can be purchased from all authorised dealers in Singapore. 

Redemption Information:

$30 NTUC Voucher
  1. Aures Smart SMC33
$50 NTUC Voucher
  1. Aures Luxury ST33
  2. Aures Smart Round RMC33
  3. Aures Luxury Round RT33
The vouchers can be redeemed at the following redemption centre:
Mojito Redemption Centre
68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura Extension,
Singapore 238839
Operating Hours
11.30am to 8.30pm daily
Closed on public holidays
Tel: 6534 8095
Please bring along these items during redemption for confirmation purposes:
  1. NRIC
  2. Original Invoice
  3. Fully filled in warranty card (The warranty card has to be filled in with the product serial number)

Kindly note that the redemption period is strictly from 15 Sep to 14 Oct 2016.
Thanks again for choosing Ariston as your trusted water heater brand.
Best regards,
Ariston Thermo Pte Ltd