Ariston wins a lawsuit in China and obtains the recognition of “well known trademark”

Ariston wins a lawsuit in China and obtains the recognition of “well known trademark”_1

Ariston obtained a judgment by the Court of Nanjing (capital of the Jiangsu region) recognizing the status of “well known trademark”, after having started a lawsuit against the company Jiaxing ALISIDUN Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd. and the distributor Aijun Jiang for the misuse of the brand registered in China, “A LI SI DUN” (阿里斯顿). The payment of 2,000,000 RMB (around 290,000 euros) for damages was imposed to defendants.


It is very difficult for international brands to gain such recognition in China, and only few major global brands – among which Ferrari, Coca Cola, Rolex, Adidas, BMW, Sony, Cartier, Gillette, Google, Jaguar, Johnson & Johnson and Philips – can boast a similar qualification to date.


Having achieved the recognition of “well known trademark”, will enable Ariston to acquire a more prestigious position both in terms of image and customer impression, but, above all, to firmly strengthen legal protection. In particular, the owner of a “well known trademark” can defend himself against counterfeiters of goods and services registered in dissimilar categories. Furthermore, by virtue of the achieved recognition, the possibility of taking advantage of the easier and significantly less expensive administrative protection considerably increases, as the several evidences usually required in such actions are no more needed and as the protection granted to a “well known trademark” is indisputable at administrative level, too.