Global expertise, Italian warmth
Ariston is the global expert in water heating and heating products providing people around the world Italian designed, efficient and high quality solutions for their comfort.

Thanks to its global expertise and deep understanding of consumers’ needs, it has been consistently greeted with trust by millions of families around the world, for over 50 years, selling products in more than 150 countries.
Ariston is also appreciated by experts and professionals for the effort in redesigning its products to make all steps of installation and maintenance simpler and quicker.
Ariston brand belongs to Ariston Thermo Group company, a global leader in the thermo category.
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  • Air conditioning
The Brand history
Aristide Merloni founds “Industrie Merloni” company in the Marche region of Italy.

Ariston brand is launched and Ariston history of success begins.

1980s / HEATING
During the 80s, Ariston has consolidated its market leadership in water heating and the production of boilers begins.

1990s / EXPANSION 
With the launch in China and in Russia, Ariston starts its evolution into a global brand.

2000s / BRAND
The development of Ariston brand positioning in thermic comfort begins with the first definition of the new visual identity. Global growth continues, from America to Asia.

Consumers and customers are at the heart of everything Ariston does.

Starting from their needs, Ariston spreads its voice with communication and advertising in its main countries.
In 2011 the first global advertising campaign is launched.
Ariston brand values
Everyday our first thought is for our consumers and our partners. We aim at offering them the best solutions and services fitting with their needs and requirements so they have the opportunity to improve and simplify their active life.

Feeling the responsibility about our future and being aware that we can make the difference, we act everyday respecting the environment, looking for sustainable solutions, and deeply understanding the different cultures we are living with, valuing different needs.

Everything we do has an impact on the future. In this hectic world, our job is to anticipate future consumers and installers’ needs and be modern, developing relevant, intelligent and intuitive solutions.
Comfort of your home is our mission
"Home" is where people feel safe and free to be themselves, where they are happy, fulfilled, beloved; it is where all the good times are spent. It is full of life, full of precious, comfortable moments.

Ariston takes care of people everyday comfort empowering them to fully enjoy precious moments at home, day after day.

This is the benefit of our products, this is the Ariston comfort.