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Sensys offers complete heating system control_1

Ariston’s SENSYS is a remote control and system interface unit, specifically designed for use with the company’s range of ‘evo’ boilers. Available individually or as part of the Ariston Advance scheme, SENSYS’s smart interface offers simple and efficient room temperature adjustment and domestic hot water (DHW) control.

SENSYS has been designed to enhance a heating system’s efficiency, and is capable of managing up to three separate heating zones. The device offers easy system configuration and management, while providing full system control from a single unit. Plus, an installer’s life is made easier as there is no requirement for Part P compliance, thanks to SENSYS’s use of a volt-free two core cable. A colour coded plug is also supplied to ensure the correct connections to the PCB.

All controllers utilise wireless BUS BridgeNet® technology and feature a large, easy-to-read backlit display. There are a number of functions available, such as a modulating room sensor, night setback and a seven-day programmer. Other key features include visualisations of the solar kWh storage and carbon savings, alongside modulating thermo-regulation and automatic temperature regulation. There are also daily and night room temperature settings, as well as a weekly programmer for heating and DHW. SENSYS is also able to work alongside Ariston’s outdoor sensor, enhancing energy efficiency even more. While internal modulating sensors adjust the boiler’s output according to the internal conditions, the outdoor sensor supplies an additional line of data back to the appliance for more accurate system adjustments. This means that if there is an increase in the outside temperature, the boiler responds and adjusts the system flow temperature accordingly, further reducing energy consumption. Commenting on the importance of controllability, Alan Hayes, Technical & Service Manager at Ariston, said: “While installers’ priorities will be predominantly focused on encouraging customers to have an efficient new boiler fitted, they should also be aware that fitting modern heating controls – and using them effectively – can help cut end users’ energy bills even further.”

He continued: “Utilising devices such as SENSYS enables heating systems to be programmed to run at their most efficient, which is great news both environmentally and economically.” SENSYS’s ‘multi zone’ control capabilities help achieve optimal energy efficiency while simultaneously reducing household fuel bills. Zoned control systems can also be used to take advantage of ‘passive solar gains’ in rooms with lots of glazing or to flexibly accommodate specific usage patterns – such as a home office or granny annexe. Ariston Thermo UK, which is part of the Ariston Thermo Group, is a manufacturer of domestic heating, hot water and renewable products. With over 20 years of experience in the UK, Ariston Thermo is a worldwide leading company in the heating and water heating industry.

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