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“Memories of Velis”, the new Ariston video won prize at the Movi&Co competition.
For the second year in a row, Ariston - the leading brand of Ariston Thermo - won an important prize at the Movi&Co competition... Read More
Design likes it hot
The prestigious design and architecture magazine Ottagono has devoted a two-page spread to the partnership between Ariston and... Read More
The Ariston Genus boilers: the best expression of comfort
Genus is designed to maintain the optimal temperature depending on the needs of everybody; Read More
Velis Premium, the water heater inspired by design.
Compact shape and elegant style for Ariston Velis: the functional and attractive water heater Read More
Design Ariston: reported by Umberto Palermo
Face to face with the editor of Up Design Umberto Palermo, designer of some of our most catchy products Read More